Team and location

A team of healthcare providers will care for you during different phases of your stem cell transplant. You may not meet every member of the team, but they all play an important role in your care. The stem cell transplant team at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) is specially trained to care for patients undergoing a stem cell transplant. You will meet some or most of these team members throughout your stem cell transplant process. 

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KHSC is a teaching organization. During your transplant process, you will meet students in addition to your regular health care team. These students may change during your treatment, but your stem cell transplant doctors will remain the same and continue to oversee your care.

Where we are

Both the outpatient clinic and inpatient oncology unit are located on Kidd 9 at the Kingston General Hospital (KGH) site.

The clinic is where you will receive most of your care as an outpatient before your stem cell transplant. You may also be required to come back after your transplant for follow-up care.

The inpatient oncology unit is where you will receive your high-dose chemotherapy, re-infusion, and stay during your stem cell recovery.

You will also receive care in other areas of the hospital as well during your stem cell transplant, including:

  • Imaging Services - where you will get some tests and procedures done, such as insertion of your temporary central line.


Contact Information

The stem cell transplant nurses can be reached during office hours Monday to Friday – 7:00am to 5:00pm EST: