South East region physician recognized for exceptional commitment to patient care

Dr. Jocelyn Garland is a recipient of a 2017 Human Touch Award
May 3, 2017

Dr. Jocelyn Garland, an assistant professor of Nephrology at Queen’s University and physician at Kingston Health Sciences Centre, is a 2017 Human Touch Awards recipient

Dr. Jocelyn Garland, an assistant professor at Queen’s University and physician at Kingston Health Sciences Centre was recently recognized for going above and beyond to get patients the care they need with a prestigious Human Touch Award.

The 11th annual Human Touch Awards took place on April 20, 2017, honouring 10 healthcare professionals and volunteers from across Ontario who have made a positive impact in the cancer and kidney care communities. Presented by Cancer Care Ontario and the Ontario Renal Network, the Awards recognized those who have gone the extra mile to truly provide the ‘human touch’ by offering support, guidance and encouragement, and lifting the spirits of the patients and families they encounter.

Dr. Jocelyn Garland is a highly regarded teacher who has received two Department of Medicine awards for her work in teaching medical students. When it comes to patient care, her affinity for taking on a leadership role is no different. Dr. Garland was nominated by the parent of a patient who described an instance where Dr. Garland went “over and above” to save her daughter’s life. While away from the office, Dr. Garland was contacted for her expertise to handle a complex case. Without hesitation, she immediately took on a leadership role directing a multispecialty team of experts. She proved to be a tireless patient advocate, tapping into all possible resources as she consulted with medical experts from around the world. While advocating medically for the patient, Dr. Garland also took the time to provide the patient with the human touch that was greatly needed during this time, as quoted by the patient, “treating her like a real person

The Human Touch Awards were created to highlight the importance of providing emotional support to people with cancer and kidney disease, in addition to the medical treatment they already receive. The Awards also showcase the incredible work taking place across the province each day by committed, dedicated and compassionate healthcare professionals and volunteers. Since its inception in 2007, over 80 healthcare professionals and volunteers from Ontario’s cancer and kidney care communities have been recognized with a Human Touch Award.

“Healthcare professionals and volunteers play essential roles in Ontario’s cancer and kidney care systems,” says Michael Sherar, President and CEO of CCO. “It is important to recognize the individuals who go the extra mile to make a lasting impact in the lives of patients and their families. The celebration of their dedication and commitment helps promote efficient, safe, high-quality and compassionate care for all Ontarians.”

The South East region, Cancer Care Ontario and the Ontario Renal Network acknowledge the generous support of the Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division, the Kidney Foundation of Canada, Ontario branch and the RBC Foundation, sponsors of the 11th annual Human Touch Awards. The partnerships between Cancer Care Ontario, the Ontario Renal Network, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and other organizations, health professionals, front-line care providers and volunteers make up the services that are essential to providing and maintaining high-quality healthcare in the province.



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