Regional mammogram blitz a big success!

Making it easier for women in the Kingston area to have a mammogram
September 17, 2015

The team saw 38 women pre-book screening appointments.

Regional mammogram blitz a big success!

Routine mammograms can save a woman’s life. The South East Regional Cancer Program made it easier for women in the Kingston area to have a mammogram by hosting the first ever Mammogram Blitz Day on June 6 at the Kingston General Hospital Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) on Discovery Avenue in Kingston, Ontario.

The day was widely promoted at local community events, news outlets and through social media. In fact, the Cancer Care South East Facebook page was very active, and our tweets @cancercare_se were viewed 7,831 times!

“The Mammogram Blitz was a great way to overcome fears by creating a festive and fun atmosphere. We saw friends arriving together, supporting each other and promoting awareness in the community,” said event organizer Matt Del Grosso, Integrated Cancer Screening Coordinator with the South East Regional Cancer Program. “It was inspiring to see so many women coming to be screened, some who hadn’t had a mammogram in more than 10 years.”

The team was excited to see 38 women pre-book screening appointments, half of which had never had a mammogram before, making this one-day event a successful event format that can be used at other OBSP sites in our region.

“We really want to thank all the women who came out, and the staff and sponsors who helped spread the word about the Mammogram Blitz Day,” said Ashley Hendry, Manager of the South East Regional Cancer Program. “We are looking for our other partners to join us and create a one day regional blitz at Ontario Breast Screening Program sites across the South East region this October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

Regional mammogram blitz a big success!

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