Radiation treatments

Once your treatments begin, you will have daily appointments, Monday through Friday. Your treatment may take place over several days or weeks, and you may start your treatment on any day of the week. There are no scheduled treatments on weekend or holidays.

The following things usually occur at a radiation treatment appointment:

  • Your appointment will take about 10 to 30 minutes long. Most of this time is spent positioning you for treatment. The radiation beam is usually only on for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • On your first day of treatment a radiation therapist will talk to you about what to expect. They will give you advice and written information on how to manage treatment side effects. Radiation therapists are always available to answer any questions or concerns about your treatment or side effects.
  • While you receive your treatment, the radiation therapists will leave the room. They will constantly monitor you using an intercom and TV system. The radiation can be easily stopped at any time and will automatically switch off once your treatment has been given.

The radiation itself does not cause pain. You are unlikely to feel anything during treatment.


Where radiation therapy is given

You will receive your radiation therapy in a hospital. The Kingston Health Sciences Centre - Kingston General Hospital site is the only hospital in our region that offers radiation therapy. 


Side effects of radiation therapy

The side effects of radiation therapy depend on:

  • The type of radiation.
  • The part of your body getting treated.
  • The dose of radiation your oncologist has prescribed.

Your cancer care team will talk with you about what side effects to expect before your treatment starts. You will also get information on how to manage these side effects if they occur. 

Each day, the radiation therapists will check you for any side effects.