Receiving your results

Many people who are tested for cancer will find out that they do not have cancer. If your test results confirm that you have cancer, you will likely have many questions. 

Your primary care provider can help you through this time and provide you with support.  You will also be introduced to a cancer care team, who will provide you with care and support throughout your cancer journey.

Staging and grading

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you may need to undergo some additional tests and procedures to determine the stage and grade of your cancer. 

The stage of your cancer is the extent of cancer in your body.  It shows your care team the size of your cancer and whether your cancer has spread from its primary site to other parts of your body. 

The grade of your cancer describes how your cells look under a microscope. It provides your care team with information about how your cancer is likely to grow or spread in your body. 

Information about the stage and grade of your cancer help your care team with treatment planning, which is the next stage of your care journey.

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