Ontario an international leader in colorectal and lung cancer survival rates

July 6, 2015

In May, the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario released the results of the 2015 Cancer System Quality Index (CSQI), an interactive tool used to measure the performance of the cancer system in Ontario.

The release indicates that Ontario’s cancer survival rates, when compared with other provinces and international jurisdictions, are among the highest in the world. Notably, among selected countries with similar socio-economic status and health-care systems, Ontario had the highest relative survival ratio for cancer of the colon and rectum and also had a high ranking for both prostate and lung cancer survival.

The CSQI is a quality improvement tool that identifies gaps in the cancer system and drives improvement through regional, provincial, national and international benchmarking. This is the sixth year that the tool has showcased benchmarks for Ontario’s performance.

The index evolves year over year and informs Cancer Care Ontario’s overall action plan, helping to determine priorities and allocation of resources. Overall, the 2015 CSQI reports improvement in survival rates for the most common cancers in Ontario. Together with an aging and growing population, this challenges the province to further consider how best to support and care for survivors in the years to come.

“The evidence produced by CSQI informs the provincial cancer strategy,” said Virginia McLaughlin, Chair of the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario. “One of the key recommendations in today’s report is that Ontario builds upon our solid foundation, and our improvement in survival and access to care, and evolves other measures such as those to report on integrated wait times from a patient perspective.”

“In Ontario, we have very high standards for cancer care. The strength of our system can be attributed to our willingness to collaborate around common goals and to our ongoing dedication to providing the best care possible,” said Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. “CSQI plays an important role by helping guide the health-care community as it plans practical improvements that have a positive impact.”

The CSQI 2015 includes a total of 34 indicators spanning the cancer journey from screening to survivorship as well as end of life care, along with several measures related to cancer prevention. Visit www.csqi.on.ca to review all the indicators.


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