New technology enables the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario to capture and measure the patient experience in real time

The South East Regional Cancer Program set to roll out patient experience measurement tool – Your Voice Matters

March 07, 2016, Kingston Ontario – Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, in partnership with Cancer Care Ontario, has launched Your Voice Matters, an innovative tool that enables the experiences of adult cancer patients to be captured and measured in real time. The Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario located at Kingston General Hospital is one of the first cancer centres in the province to offer the survey which will then be implemented across the rest of Ontario’s Regional Cancer Programs, empowering patients to be engaged in their care by sharing feedback at every stage of their visit.

“This survey allows patients to give us satisfaction feedback right after their appointment so that we can build on their positive experiences and improve where needed,” said Rana Fowler, Program Manager, Cancer Program. “It is important to capture how they are feeling at the moment of their visit so we know what the issues are right away and are able to address them.”

The data collected through Your Voice Matters will be used to enhance and drive meaningful improvements to processes, systems and services associated with the patient experience. Real-time reporting makes it possible to assess opportunities for improvement and implement changes based on what is meaningful to patients, thereby increasing the efficiency and quality of care and ultimately enhancing the patient experience.

“Five years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. During my treatment I experienced many events and emotions, mostly very positive, but there were some experiences that could have been better,” said Barbara Girard South East Regional Patient and Family Advisory Council member. “As an Advisory Council member I have a voice in the decisions made in the Cancer Centre—every patient and family member who walks through the doors has a voice.”

Your Voice Matters takes less than five minutes to complete. Volunteers are available at the kiosks in the waiting areas of Cancer Centre, to assist cancer patients in sharing their experiences following their interactions with their care teams. The questions follow a patient’s typical sequence of events, prompting patients to provide feedback on their experiences with booking an appointment, registering with the centre upon arrival, waiting for the appointment, quality of service and overall experience.

“This is the goal of healthcare in Ontario – putting patients at the centre of their care,” says Dr. Simron Singh, Provincial Head, Person-Centred Care, Cancer Care Ontario. “Collecting and measuring patient experience data helps improve the lives of Ontarians by enabling patients, healthcare providers and administrators to shape the cancer system based on what’s important to patients.”

Your Voice Matters was created by Cancer Care Ontario to identify measures to improve the delivery of responsive and respectful care by optimizing individuals’ quality of life. The tool directly captures a range of real-time, patient-reported information that is meaningful to patients to improve the quality of care based on the needs, wants and preferences of patients and their families.

The South East Regional Cancer Program is one of the 13 Regional Cancer Programs in Ontario to implement Your Voice Matters. The initiative was piloted at five regional cancer centres in 2015 to assess the needs of patients prior to implementing it at every centre in Ontario.

About Cancer Care Ontario:

Cancer Care Ontario plays an important role in equipping health professionals, organizations and policy-makers with the most up-to-date cancer knowledge and tools to prevent cancer and deliver high quality patient care.

It does this by collecting and analyzing data about cancer services and combining it with evidence and research that is shared with the healthcare community in the form of guidelines and standards. It also monitors and measures the performance of the cancer system, and oversees a funding and governance model that ties funding to performance, making healthcare providers more accountable and ensuring value for investments in the system.

Cancer Care Ontario actively engages people with cancer and their families in the design, delivery and evaluation of Ontario’s cancer system. Cancer Care Ontario’s mission is to work together to improve the performance of Ontario’s cancer system by driving quality, accountability, innovation and value.


The South East Regional Cancer Program (SERCP) promotes seamless, high-quality, patient and family-centred cancer care for the residents of southeastern Ontario. This region is home to nearly 500,000 people and stretches from Brighton to Prescott and north to Bancroft. Affiliated with Cancer Care Ontario, SERCP strives for cancer risk reduction, early detection, excellent patient experiences and better patient outcomes by helping facilitate the high-quality delivery of cancer services in the South East region, while ensuring cancer care is delivered according to province-wide standards.


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