New space for kids at the Cancer Centre

A ‘kid-friendly’ room thanks to some recent renovations by the Smilezone Foundation
June 7, 2016

Former patient Bridget Burke-Purdy enjoys the new space with her family.

One of the  rooms at Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario has received a ‘kid-friendly’ waiting room thanks to some recent renovations by the Smilezone Foundation. It’s hoped that the bright and fun new spaces will improve the experiences of children while they are at the centre with their family members, the newly renovated space in the Cancer Centre has been designed to offer children a place to play while their parents receive treatments.

Over the course of three days in late May, the Smilezone team refurbished the spaces by repainting them with vibrant new colours as well as big, bright wall murals. They also installed custom seating and cabinetry to store therapeutic equipment and toys as well as purchased video-game consoles to entertain and engage the children who will be using the rooms.

Coming to the hospital as a patient or to support a loved-one who is receiving treatment can be a stressful time for anyone. Now imagine having to experience those moments as a child who needs to accompany a family member during treatment.

“Battling cancer while raising a young family was beyond challenging and I hated how much time I had to spend away from my kids when they needed the reassurance of my presence the most,” says former patient Bridget Burke-Purdy. “Having a special room in the Cancer Centre will make it possible for other parents in my situation to include their children in their visits to the oncology department at KGH.”

The Smilezone Foundation’s mission is to create, build and transform areas in hospitals in order to improve the lives of children facing illness, disabilities, and physical and emotional obstacles.

“The Smilezone Foundation is honoured to help improve the experience of young patients and family members at Kingston General Hospital,” says Scott Bachly, Chair of the Smilezone Foundation. “Hospital visits truly affect the entire family, and we’re overjoyed that children, siblings and families will have these new Zones to enjoy.”


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