New chemotherapy centre offers care closer to home

Official Opening of Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital Chemotherapy Services Room
April 27, 2017

The Great War Memorial site in Perth, ON where the new chemotherapy centre offers care closer to home

The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital has opened a renewed chemotherapy centre. The new room means patients who live in the Perth and Smiths Falls catchment area who once travelled to Kingston for systemic or chemotherapy treatment can now stay closer to home.

“It’s allowing people to actually be treated and stay closer to home and it’s a great, comfortable environment. It’s a huge impact on patients especially when you think of the winter and driving back and forth to Kingston two or three times a week. So the fact that we can actually do it here I think is fantastic,” said Michele Bellows, the Vice President of Patient Services at The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital.

The chemotherapy centre is located on the second floor of the hospital. There are four arm chairs for patients each with a sound system and television to help pass the time. Each station has its own equipment like a vital machine and IV infusion, as well as a visitor chair.

This important upgrade was made possible through the generous donations of the Great War Memorial Hospital Foundation and the room is dedicated to celebrating the lives of Hilary Drummond, Dr. Erin Savage and Yarrow Viets. All of these ladies’ lives have touched family, friends and co-workers in Lanark County and the health care community here.

“This project could not have been done without the strong support of our entire community. This will allow patients to receive care closer to home and lessen their need to travel to Kingston for treatment and care,” stated Karen Rennie, Chair of the GWM Foundation.

The program operates Monday to Friday at the Great War Memorial Site and patients will be received through referrals from Kingston Health Sciences Centre (formerly Kingston General Hospital). It is anticipated that approximately 300+ treatments will be provided to area residents on an annual basis.

“This program is a terrific example of health care partners working together who are dedicated to improving overall patient care and access to service. This coordination of services speaks to the efforts made to offer services to patients closer to home,” stated Michele Bellows, Vice President, Patient Care Services &Chief Nursing Executive.


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