Integration through partnerships

Our objectives for 2019

Strengthen and expand our Communities of Practice (CoP) to improve access and quality. Implement a performance reporting system identifying quality measures beyond those mandated by CCO, by working with regional providers and Community of Practice leaders. Regularly engage and enable partners in the regional cancer program to work together to achieve the results outlined in the plan.

Together we will…

  • Develop and enhance new and existing Communities of Practice (CoP) in the areas of Systemic Therapy, Endoscopy, Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer and Colposcopy.  
  • Work with our partners to develop organizational scorecards.
  • Reinforce and grow our relationship with Queen’s University to ensure that the SERCP is recognized as a centre of excellence for teaching and research. 
  • Increase integration with our Primary Care partners to improve transitions in care and the patient experience.