Family says thank you to Cancer Centre staff through fundraising efforts

August 14, 2017

For Aleigha and Aidan, raising money for the Cancer Centre is an important way for them to thank, recognize and help the people that they have come to know more as family.


For her birthday, seven-year old Aleighia decided to ask for money in lieu of gifts so she could help the Cancer Centre purchase additional thermometers. This year, her brother Aidan decided to follow her example and raised $1,000 to help purchase patient care equipment. For Aleigha and Aidan, raising this money is an important way for them to thank, recognize and help the people that they have come to know more as family.

“Through our experience of coming to the Cancer Centre, we are so incredibly grateful for the help, encouragement and kind words of each and every staff member here,” says Krista McEathron, mother of Aidan and Aleighia. “The staff has made a difficult experience bearable and raising this money is our way of saying thank you and trying to give a little back in return for how much they have given us.”

The McEathron family first came to the Cancer Centre after their husband and father, Peter, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Under the care of Dr. Christopher Booth, Peter underwent three years of chemotherapy treatment. Over this period of time the entire family came to know the staff and fellow patients at the Cancer Centre on a much more personal level.

“From the doctors to nurses, volunteers and people working in the back office, everyone helped us in Peter’s fight and helped give us this time as a family,” says Krista.  “It has been incredible to have conversations with various members of staff and feel like we are being heard, listened to and supported as a family, and not just as a number on a schedule.”

Earlier this summer, Peter passed away from his cancer. For the McEathron family, though, this isn’t an end to the relationships they have built here.

“Our goal as a family is to leave the world a better place and the staff at the Cancer Centre has helped us with that through the care they provided us.  There aren’t enough things we can say to express our gratitude and thanks for what they do every day,” says Krista. “The Cancer Centre will always be part of who we are as a family and because of the people here it’s a place our kids want to return to visit in order to stay in touch with everyone they’ve met along our journey.”

Through her fundraising efforts, Aleighia helped to purchase six new thermometers that are being used today to help with patient appointments. Aidan’s most recent donation will also be used to purchase equipment to help with patients in their care journey.  



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