Starting the Diagnostic Process

Not everyone follows the same diagnostic process. Some people may be helped through the process by their family doctor, while others may be helped by a specialist or referred to the Colorectal Diagnostic Assessment Program (CDAP) at Kingston Health Sciences Centre.

Colorectal Diagnostic Assessment Program (CDAP):

The Colorectal Diagnostic Assessment Program (CDAP) provides care to people who are at suspicion for colorectal cancer or who have a confirmed diagnosis.  Your healthcare provider may refer you to our Colorectal Diagnostic Assessment Program (CDAP) to help you learn more about your health problem.    We know that waiting during this time is difficult, and that you may be feeling anxious and worried. 

Navigating the complex health care system is not easy. If you are referred to the CDAP, you will have access to a dedicated Colorectal Cancer Patient Navigator to guide you while you undergo diagnostic tests and appointments.

What does a Patient Navigator do?

  • Assists with timely access to your tests
  • Organizes your appointments with specialists and helps you prepare
  • Provides you with information and support services
  • Answers your questions and provides you with reliable education material

Diagnostic Assessment Program (DAP) standards and practices are set by Cancer Care Ontario.  It is important to remember that not everyone referred to the DAP will be diagnosed with cancer.  The DAP is meant to confirm or rule out if cancer is there.

Health care providers: To make a referral, please click here.