Clinics and Services

Colorectal Cancer Care at Kingston Health Sciences Centre includes a system of providers, clinics and services focused on colorectal cancer patients and their families.

These include:

Surgery Clinics – You will meet with your  surgeon as an outpatient to discuss surgery. Outpatient surgery clinics are located at Hotel Dieu site on Jeanne Mance Level 5.

Outpatient Endoscopy Centre – The Outpatient Endoscopy Unit is located on Johnson 4 at Hotel Dieu Site. Our Endoscopy Unit offers diagnostic screening tools needed to find suspicious growths in the colon by taking real-time imaging of the bowel.

Cancer Centre – If you require chemotherapy or radiation therapy, you will meet your oncologists and receive treatment at the Cancer Centre located at Kingston General Hospital site.

Gastrointestinal Multidisciplinary Care Conference (MCC) – Multidisciplinary Cancer Conferences (MCCs) are regularly scheduled meetings of healthcare providers from various disciplines who discuss the diagnosis and treatment options of individual cancer patients.

NSWOC-Run Ostomy Clinics – The Kingston General Hospital site offers pre-operative ostomy clinics for ostomy education and stoma site selection with a NSWOC.  The NSWOC nurse will call you to arrange a date and time for your visit.  These visits take place at KGH in the Armstrong Wing.   Upon arrival, patients must register with the receptionist on Level 1 and then proceed to the clinic waiting room on Level 4.  The pre-op clinics are approximately 1 hour in duration.  The NSWOC from KGH will also provide your ostomy education while in hospital after surgery and prepare you for going home.  HDH offers a post-surgical ostomy clinic every Monday and Friday mornings from 0800-1200 for those who are having challenges with their ostomy (such as leakage, skin breakdown).  The NSWOC at HDH is also available for patients presenting to see their surgeon for routine follow-up visits during those hours should questions or needs arise.  Pre-booked visits are arranged between the NSWOC and the patient.  The clinic takes place on Jeanne Mance 5 at HDH.  

Colorectal Diagnostic Assessment Program (CDAP)– The Colorectal Diagnostic Assessment Program (CDAP) provides care to people who are suspected to have  colorectal cancer or who have a confirmed diagnosis.

Familial Oncology/Genetic Counselling – The cancer genetics service at KGH is also known as the Familial Oncology Program. The program offers support to you and your family if you are at risk of developing, or already have cancer based on your genetic or family traits. Link for more information

Psychosocial Oncology – The Psychosocial Oncology team is available to help you and your family cope with cancer. This team includes social workers, registered dietitians and spiritual care providers.

Palliative Care – There are daily palliative care clinics at the Cancer Centre. If your oncologist requests an assessment by the palliative care team, you will be phoned at home to arrange an appointment time with the palliative care team.

Patient and Family Resource Centre, Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario at Kingston General Hospital. Located near the King Street entrance on the ground level of the Burr Wing (Burr 0). Find free pamphlets or borrow books, audiobooks and DVDs. Computers linked to the Internet are also available for your use.

Clinical Trials –Clinical trials are always opening and closing at the Cancer Centre as part of the work of the Cancer Clinical Research Team. Ask your nurse or oncologist about any trials that may be available for you.