Cancer conferences offer opportunity to discuss patient cases

August 11, 2014

Imagine solving a complex issue by collaborating with a diverse group of highly skilled cancer care specialists who provide their input on your patient’s case. Multidisciplinary Cancer Conferences (MCCs) are aimed to do just that.

MCCs are regularly scheduled meetings where representatives from surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, nursing, pathology and diagnostic imaging discuss all appropriate diagnostic tests and suitable treatment options for cancer patients, and are a key component of high-quality cancer management.

Using in-person meetings and video conferencing, cancer care providers in South East Ontario can get second opinions and feedback, and can evaluate possible treatment options for their patients as part of a large, region-wide team. Care providers view the conferences as an opportunity to learn from each other and share ideas.

“The conferences are another form of continued education for us. We all have different strengths. People will bring out angles in cases you may not have previously appreciated,” adds Dr. Ed Woods, a Urologist at Quinte Health Care. “Often we’re also checking to get a consensus and reinforcing our own clinical plan. We have the extra benefit of a second opinion.”

“It’s really about providing the best patient care we can,” adds Laura Emery, MCC Coordinator. “We’re one large community. No matter where you are, wherever you call home, patients can receive their care locally, with the added advantage of having the support of a large group of care providers from across the region. It’s an added comfort in a difficult time.”

Our region hosts 13 disease-specific multidisciplinary conferences that run several times throughout the month. All regional cancer care providers who would like input from a diverse group of specialists are encouraged to submit their cases for discussion at an upcoming MCC. Of course, regional care providers are also encouraged to lend their expertise at the MCCs.

For more information on attending an upcoming conference, please e-mail


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