Call for Indigenous artists

Help make the Cancer Centre a welcoming space for all patients
April 13, 2018

The Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario is looking for Indigenous artists to submit draft concepts of artwork to be displayed in the Cancer Centre

The Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario is looking to make the space a welcoming one for all patients. To help do this, they are putting forward a call for Indigenous artists to submit draft concepts of works for consideration for commission.

“We want to improve the Cancer Centre by creating a culturally safe space. One of the ways we can help do this for the indigenous peoples in our region is seek out artwork submissions from those who live in southeast Ontario,” says Erin Brown, manager of the South East Regional Cancer Program. “We know that coming to the Cancer Centre can be an intimidating experience and to help alleviate that anxiety we want a space that is reflective of all of the patients we provide care for.”

Draft concepts that are approved by the Aboriginal Cancer Council will receive a $500 commission to be used towards creating the art piece for installation. The final art pieces will be revealed in a special ceremony hosted by the Cancer Centre.

“We are excited to see what ideas the community brings forward and to install the art pieces,” says Brown. “This is one of the many ways we’re working towards making the Cancer Centre more inclusive.”


  • Artwork must be 4’x6’ or 2’x3’

  • Reflect concepts that have current or historical cultural significance to Indigenous peoples

  • Address the relationship of Indigenous peoples to health and well-being

  • Be sensitive to the uses of the building

  • Be made of materials that are suitable to the environment, durable, and require minimal maintenance

  • Ability to be installed in such a manner to prevent theft and damage

Rough draft concepts are to be submitted for consideration by National Aboriginal Day on June 21, 2018.

Submissions and any questions can be sent to Dionne Nolan, Aboriginal Navigator at 613-549-6666 x 3851 or




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