Brockville General Hospital brings new meaning to patient care

Staff help patient celebrate family milestone
May 5, 2017

Maurice Pigg, an Ambulatory Care Unit patient at Brockville General Hospital, surrounded by members of the ACU staff.

Meet Maurice

Maurice Pigg has cancer.

Diagnosed with leukemia in 2016, he has been coming twice weekly to Brockville General Hospital’s (BGH) Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) department to receive a “type and cross” and blood transfusions.

“It is a joy coming here (to the ACU). I know I should say I wish I never got cancer, but these women are so professional, so caring and kind. I really do enjoy coming here. I get hugs every time I come!” Maurice Pigg, BGH patient.

Maurice is a bit of a celebrity at BGH.  Everyone knows him! A few weeks ago, he and his wife celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with their BGH care providers.  To help them celebrate an ACU staff member baked them a cake!


About ACU

Located in BGH’s Charles Street site campus, the ACU provides a location for physicians to perform services and minor procedures (neurology, paediatric and surgical) outside of surgery. For many patients, like Maurice, this means receiving care close to home, instead of travelling to Ottawa or Kingston.


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