Brenda Carter introduces the new 2016-2019 SERCP strategy

Brenda Carter introduces the new regional cancer plan

Together we will deliver quality, integrated and cost-effective cancer care

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the 2016-2019 South East Regional Cancer Program Strategic Plan. This is a four-year road map for the delivery of high-quality, integrated cancer services across Southeastern Ontario.

This plan is the outcome of an extensive six-month engagement process and incorporates thoughtful feedback from patients and families, as well as regional health-care partners. Together we looked at the changes taking place in the health-care system, best practices in other organizations and ways to leverage partnerships. The process included an extensive review of our accountability as a regional program to deliver on the goals of the Ontario Cancer Plan IV (OCP IV) and promote Cancer Care Ontario’s quality agenda.

Through the engagement process it became clear that our success is measured by our ability to work within an already complex health-care system. We also heard that we should embrace our leadership role and advocate for change at decision-making tables both regionally and provincially.

I would like to thank all the patients, partners and service providers who helped us develop this plan. Together we will work to integrate the regional cancer system and provide seamless, high-quality, patient and family-centred care.

The road ahead is both challenging and exciting. It is a time of innovation and transformation. The South East Regional Cancer Program will continue to embrace our role as system leaders driving quality, accountability, innovation and value.

Brenda Carter
Cancer Care Ontario Regional Vice President,
South East Regional Cancer Program