Art donation brightens hallway in the Cancer Centre

A patient says 'thank you' through donation of photographs
January 15, 2019

Jack Tweedy was so appreciative of the care and compassion he experienced as a patient that he donated photographs to the Cancer Centre to say ‘Thank You’

The hallways along the Radiation Department of the Cancer Centre are a little brighter these days, thanks to a donation by a local photographer and patient.

“Every time I sat in the Cancer Centre waiting to receive treatment I was amazed by the care and compassion shown by staff and felt a strong connection to all of the other patients and I wanted to do something to help bring a smile, even for a moment, to their faces,” says Jack Tweedy.

For Jack, that action meant going out to the woods and fields around his home and capturing the natural beauty that helped inspire and encourage him while receiving treatment.

“I hope that the joy and beauty of the photographs help show the positive side of life and encourage everyone who sees them to be positive, stand strong and not waver in life’s troubled moments,” says Jack.

Each of the photographs has a different meaning and is meant to evoke feelings of protection, comfort and hope for those who pass by them. The sunset and sunrise are beacons of hope and represent the opportunity for a new beginning and for a new day to be thankful for. The wildlife photographs are a reminder to be quiet and let nature accept you.

For Jack, the biggest inspirations behind the photographs are the staff and patients that he met at the Cancer Centre.

“I felt like family every time I went into the Burr wing and the positive and caring attitudes of the staff made any of my difficulties during treatment easier to handle,” says Jack. “Sharing these photographs with everyone at the Cancer Centre is my way of saying thank you and they are my heros.”


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