South East RPCN Steering Comittee

The South East Regional Palliative Care Steering Committee 

The South East RPCN steering committee reviews all hospice palliative care work, making recommendations to the executive on improvements to hospice palliative care to ensure the effective and coordinated delivery of palliative care in our region. As committee members, they provide leadership and advice to the LHIN and cancer program Regional Vice-President as well as oversight and support to those in our LHIN involved in implementing a strategy for achieving a high-performing palliative care system using continuous quality improvement methods.

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Kerry Stewart

Kerry Stewart, Patient Experience Advisor; Kingston General Hospital

The only people who travel the entire journey through our system are the patients and their families. I want to share my perspectives to support and enhance the development of wide spread, timely palliative care in our communities. I strongly believe that a palliative approach to care should be available to everyone when and where they choose.

Anne Newman Patient Experience Advisor

Anne Newman, Patient Caregiver Advisor, Cancer Care Ontario

Both of my parents presented with cancer inside six months of each other, I supported and advocated for their care and services at all stages of their journey. In Ontario, there has been a focus on quality, timely services for diagnosis and treatment. Palliative care would benefit from this same attention.

Denise Reynolds Patient Caregiver Adviser South East LHIN

Denise Reynolds, Patient Caregiver Advisor, South East LHIN

I have been involved with Palliative Care in past years and have recently cared for my Mom during her elder years, her palliative care and end of life.  My Mom and I were always very close, my Dad died when I was 14 years old, and it was then just her and I. Because of my journey with her, I want to be a part of the solution for her, for our community and the future of our health care.


Helen Cluett, Family Physician; Board Chair, Prince Edward Family Health Team

There are many challenges facing the South East region as it tries to provide palliative care across its large and highly rural geography, and I would like to be part of addressing these challenges. As a family physician with experience in rural palliative care, I value person-centered care and am a passionate advocate for that in my practice and in the interdisciplinary team I work with.

Linda Price, Director of Maternal Child, Mental Health, Patient Flow & Interim Program Director of Oncology, Quinte Health Care

Throughout my career, from working as a front-line nurse in complex continuing care, surgery and emergency, I have always had a special interest in palliative care. I believe that working together with patients, families and community partners we can advance the priorities of hospice and palliative care in the South East LHIN.

Ron Lirette, Executive Director, Hospice Kingston

My long-existing passion for palliative care evolved from the time I was a volunteer, participating on end of life care teams. This experience provided the knowledge supported me as the primary caregiver for my spouse who died in our house in 1994. As a means to give back, I changed my career and move from a career in finance to health care.

Alfred O’Rourke, Executive Director, Sherwood Park Manor

I have been in healthcare leadership for over 35 years, and in Seniors Care Leadership for 10 of those years. I believe our system of care needs to be better understood and better integrated in order to provide the most timely and patient-centred palliative care in the Southeast.

Michelle Bellows, VP - Patient Care Services & CNE, Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital

I have had the experience of providing palliative care to family members and each experience brings with it a new dynamic and an opportunity for personal reflection and learning. As a health care leader I know that thinking on a system level is quite challenging, however, if you have belief in system change then this challenge becomes the opportunity for improvement.  



Ex-officio members

Brenda Carter                   Regional Vice President, South East Regional Cancer Program

RPCN Co-Chair - Brenda Carter, Regional Vice President, South East Regional Cancer Program

There is a strong commitment on this steering committee to making a difference for patients and families. Although we are in the early stages, our goal is improved access and equity in hospice palliative care across our region


Joanne Billing
RPCN Co-Chair - Joanne Billing, Vice President, Home and Community Care, South East LHIN

As a health care leader within the South East LHIN, I have, for many years been involved with the palliative care community and observed great progress in the delivery of care.  I want to continue to influence the necessary changes to improve our collective response to the needs of palliative and end of life care patients and their families. 

Lori Van Manen,  Regional Network Palliative Care Lead

Lori Van Manen, Regional Network Palliative Care Lead

I am looking forward to developing relationships with partners in the region to improve patients’ and caregivers’ hospice palliative care experience. By working collaboratively with the Regional Palliative Care Network steering committee and other partners we will champion solutions that will improve the system of care.


Trish Macpherson           Multidisciplinary Clinical Co-Lead, Regional Palliative Care Network

Trish MacPherson, Multidisciplinary Clinical Co-Lead, Regional Palliative Care Network

As the Palliative Pain Symptom Management Care lead I have worked with many care providers who assist individuals and families living with life limiting illness. I believe my unique position brings a valuable perspective to the South East RPCN steering committee as we work to improve the quality hospice palliative care across the region.

Laurie French, Director, Special Programs, South East LHIN
I have immense respect for those who give so much to patients as they end their lives having lost my own Mom to Cancer, particularly since beginning to work more with the palliative care sector. I have been a nurse manager for many years with a focus on quality improvement that I hope will benefit the work to be done to fully put our Patients First, who deserve the best possible experience the system can give them. 

Natalie Kondor, Multidisciplinary Clinical Co-Lead, Regional Palliative Care Network

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