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The South East Regional Palliative Care Network (RPCN) is a partnership of community stakeholders, care providers, patients, families and caregivers in South Eastern Ontario who work together to ensure that there is a coordinated, standardized approach for the delivery of hospice palliative care services. As a community of partners the South East RPCN is committed to improved access and equity in hospice, palliative and end-of-life care.

Education opportunities

LEAP provides the essential practical knowledge, attitudes, and skills to provide a palliative care approach, from early in the illness trajectory to the end-of-life. Find out more.

Regional work plan development

Taking Stock Event 1.0 

This report details the outcomes of the South East LHIN Hospice Palliative Care Steering Committee’s Taking Stock event held on June 20, 2016. This was the first engagement with palliative care stakeholders in the region and the feedback from this working session informed the palliative care work plan.

Regional engagement and feedback 

To enable a common assessment of the current state of palliative care in our region many stakeholder groups were asked to consider themes and attributes of high-functioning models from around the world and across Canada were identified based on a review of key documents:

These themes and attributes were brought together to form a draft of an evidence-informed model of palliative care and this version of the model was
provided to regional stakeholders for input. After much engagement, review, and input by several key stakeholders across the region, the final version of the model, referred to as the Evidence-Informed Model of Palliative Care was endorsed by the Regional Palliative Care Network and the South East LHIN. Given that there is much work yet to be done in the region and likely new perspectives to be captured over time, this model is considered to be an evolving model and likely to change over time.


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