Health system sustainability and transformation

Our objectives for 2019

Through accountability agreements and the provision of evidence and data, our regional health care system will look to the SERCP for leadership and support for continuous quality improvement. Be a catalyst for change, seeking opportunities for the region to be an incubator for investments and innovation. Facilitate initiatives that bring fiscal sustainability to the regional health care system.

Together we will…

  • Enhance, spread and share the use of QI tools and methodologies to improve cancer care in the South East.
  • Lead the regional efforts in palliative and end-of-life care redesign. 
  • Work with our health care partners to create a regional smoking cessation strategy across Southeastern Ontario.
  • Focus efforts on creating new funding and resource opportunities.
  • Ensure that regional service delivery is aligned with new funding models such as Quality-Based Procedures (QBP).
  • Enhance partnerships with Primary Care providers to drive quality improvement initiatives that increase cancer screening rates.